Hello Goro here.In Recent Yen is weak and our government is welcoming travelers . I recommend purchasing not only Japanese-made watches,but also Swiss-made watches here in Japan. Today I will show you why,so let’s get started.



Unparalleled Quality and Authenticity






Most recommended way to purchase watches in Japan is from an authorized retailer.But you worried about purchasing in an authorized retailer is expensive don’t you? It’s no problem.





Because Yen has been weak recently. So you feel reasonable. Otherwise,there  is no fear of capturing fake watches in authorized stores. And the staff could speak foreign language. It’s convenient for overseas people.





How to find authorized retailers is you can find watch-brand official HP. 



Extensive Range of Brands and Models






Actually Japan is the 4th place import country of Switzerland watches. So there are plenty of watch brands.



It means you have a lot of choices of watches,yeah it’s El Dorado.  If you want about Grand-Seiko,check my archive.





Although Japan is the Holy Land  of Seiko. Especially Sizukuishi has Grand Seiko Studio Shizukuishi.  If you want to visit, you need a reservation.There you can purchase exclusive models.



Enjoy Convenient Tax Refunds,but will be improve





May 2023 tax refunds system in Japan is useful .But there are many problems found by the recent tax system. If you purchase watches and show to retailers your passport,initially free of duty. But there are issues about this custom system.





So the Japanese government is currently proposing legislation to change the tax refund system for foreigners for the year 2024. I think now is the time to visit Japan and buy watches .




Japanse Customs.





We heard the new duty system will refund tax at the airport for your departure.Perhaps it will be announced soon.








Weak Yen,delicious food,visiting Japan is an amazing moment  for foreigners.And if you are a watch enthusiast,it is more enjoyable to stay in Japan. If you have a question ,please contact me from here